Alexander Schuktuew is a Kazakstan born Multimedia Artist, meanwhile based in Munich.
Combining various types of media, the work of the 28 year old reaches from Photography and Design, Film and Performance to Painting and Music.
Crashing documentary style with fashion, creating short-film-style music videos and finding new ways to end the era of "i am a whatever", Alexander provides not less or more than whats needed for the best result.
He started earning his first money with photography at the age of 16 shooting local bands and went on until he studied Photojournalism & Documentary Photography in Hannover.
In 2016 he assisted the Portrait Photographer Oliver Mark in Berlin for half a year. After Living beween Hannover and Berlin for almost 6 years he went back to his hometown Ingolstadt to film his Final Work for the university. A documentary/art movie about a young drug addicted woman.
The Movie "JESS" is free to watch on Youtube:

After finishing this project Schuktuew moved to Munich early 2019 where he is now working and living.

Alexander is a BFF - Junior:

check out . dulp is a friends/art collective that started around 20 years ago. AS is a member since 2006.
instagram: @alexanderschuktuew



2010 Ein Fuchs in der Igelstadt, Ingolstadt
2014 of waste and time, Eichstätt
2015 Is this real, Ingolstadt
2016 Converse Black and White, Chuck Taylor 2 Release, Berlin
2019 BUTTER BROT PAPIER, Ingolstadt


2012 Versus, Nacht der Museen, Ingolstadt
2013 Mosaik Istanbul, Hamburg
2014 Levi´s Spot Delivery Book Release, Berlin
2019  ILLUMINATA NOCTA EST// with Rene Arbeithuber "PRODUCT VISION", München